…we thought of a name for our new blog.

We’ve launched this new blog thingy online; only natural we’d arrange a dinnertime brainstorm date to cover off one critical element: a title.

Dinner: Chili, toast, bottle of red wine (x2)

Going in, all 4 of us agreed on 2 key things which we wanted the title of this blog to embody: 1) the fact our passé methods of open dinner table conversation and scribbling with magic markers is a kick-butt way to problem solve, 2) a short, not-cheesy, yet somehow clever hook that directly represents what it’s about. Something unlike, for instance, “The Onion” – works for them, but we’d prefer less layers.

Paper out, our first blurt in the top left corner was “STOP Planning” in reference to our original handle for these thought-spilling sessions, “Sacred Table of Productivity.” A start. Planning, yes, but we aren’t stopping anything. Too many blogs on here for inconspicuous titles, according to us. Keep going.

Paper, markers, diary, lifestyle steps, idea sharing, table talks, table it, table sessions, paper sessions, ‘The Brown Paper Blog’, ‘Whiskey Journals’ (wild card in many dinner table successes, keep in mind for later)…words splattering all over our huge paper. Keep going. Foursight, Fourfolk (in reference to our Norfolk County, Ontario abode), Spilling Thoughts, Dinner Dialogue, Quill & Parchment, Penned Plans…

Two generally accepted guidelines about STOP: 1) Do not allow the kerfuffle of the Internet to impede creativity, except to cross-reference (in this case, make sure we’re not stealing anyone else’s ideas), 2) Sessions can be held over based on early bed times for the Morning Radio guy in the group. Great work thus far, but this one needed a second dinner.

Four clear heads, accompanied by a shot of White Owl whiskey for inspiration, our mission was actually accomplished fairly quickly during the second session. From the dozens of words and phrases already saturating our chart paper, we narrowed our sightlines enough to determine we simply needed a way of saying “The four of us brainstorm over dinner. We bring over our problems or scenarios, wine, a pad of paper and a pack of markers. It works, you should try it. This is what we talked about tonight…”

A bit of juggling: “Tonight, over dinner…”

…another table success.